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Monterey Historics at Laguna Seca. Photographs by Mark Charles.

Once again several thousand vintage and classic car racing enthusiasts made the pilgrimage to the Laguna Seca Raceway for the 29th Monterey Historics. Held every August it is the U.S. mecca for petrolheads.

This year it was the turn of the Chevrolet Corvette to take centre stage as it celebrated it's fiftieth birthday. It originally saw the light of day in 1952 as a dream car, came into production in 1953 and hit the race track in 1956. I'm sure every model of this American icon was on display from the earliest 50's version through the Sting Ray and the 454 engined cars of the seventies to the latest 2002 street car.

69 of Tony DeLorenzo


59 Sting Ray

74 Greenwood Corvette
of Lance Smith

Deltal at Laguna SecaWith open wheelers from the Edwardian era to the muscle cars of seventies Talbot-Lago at Laguna Secathere was something for everybody. Whether your taste was the 4.9 litre 1913 Deltal or a 1925 Bugatti T37 from the twenties or from the late forties a 4.5 litre Talbot-Lago T-26C. Under the Californian sunshine these classics from days gone by provide a spectacular sight as they scrabble for grip on their skinny tyres.
Ferrari 250GTO at Laguna SecaCars from the fifties and sixties are always well represented with a selection including Ferraris, Jaguars and Mercedes. Every year the products of Maranello are in evidence usually with at least a Testa Rossa and a 250 GTO and this year was no exception. Wherever you find a prancing horse there is usually a leaping cat nearby and Laguna Seca followed the trend with a variety of Jaguars including XK120, C types and D types. Jaguar C type at Laguna SecaNot forgetting the Jaguar engined specials such as Hagemann, Lister and Parkinson. When you have a collection of Jaguar racing cars what better to transport them in than the original Ecurie Ecosse transporter from the fifties. Brought over from England by Dick Skipworth it moved from the track to nearby Pebble Beach for the concours on Sunday.
With Corvette as the featured car this year there were many cars out on the track providing that beautifully raucous sound that can only be produced by a powerful V8. Most of the early sixties cars were running engine capacities of 5.3 litres with those from the late sixties running up to 7 litres. Standing just a couple of feet from the track as they thunder past the sound makes the ground vibrate.
Comparativly diminutive in engine size are the cars in the sports racing class for under 2500cc that include the 1100cc Lotus 11. Additionally there were Lotus 15s, Lolas and a couple of Porsche RSKs.Lotus 23s outnumbered the opposition in the penultimate race on the Sunday afternoon with Joel Matta from Toluca Lake California bringing his across the line first followed by Tom Byrnes in a Brabham BT8.
For the ultimate in powerful and deafening V8s the last race on the Sunday was hard to beat.With 5 litres under the bonnet of the Camaros, Dodge and Mustangs they must have seemed like Goliaths to the 2 litre Alfa GTV and BMW 2002s. Jim Hague from Santa Clara, California was victorious in the last race and once more the Monterey Historics were over. Until August 15 2003 that is.........


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