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Results of the Monterey Historic Races 2000 at Laguna Seca

1A Pre 1926 Racing & Pre 1939 Sports 1B 1955-62 GT under 2000cc
2A 1925-46 Racing 2B 1952-62 GT over 2000cc
3A 1947-55 Sports Racing under 2000cc 3B 1956-60 Sports Racing under 2500cc
4A 1947-55 Sports Racing over 2000cc 4B 1961-66 GT under 2500cc
5A 1954-63 Formula 5B 1963-66 GT over 2500cc
6A 1955-63 Sports Racing over 2500cc 6B 1962-65 Sports Racing
7A 1966-83 Historic Grand Prix 7B 1964-71 FIA Manufacturers Championship

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