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We are able to supply most models of Japanese sports cars sourced by our highly trained agents in the Far East. The vehicles are of excellent quality, mostly with full service history. Using the latest in computer technology our agents are also able to bid for vehicles in auction houses regardless of their location should a customer require a very special vehicle.
All vehicles are checked to ensure they have genuine mileage and an accident free history. They will be supplied with a year's MOT (where applicable) and 6 months road tax. If you are interested in purchasing a high quality Japanese vehicle then please contact us as soon as possible.

Most 'Japan supplied cars' have many advantages over a 'UK supplied car'.

  • Japanese cars always have a higher specification than a UK car. Air conditioning is standard on virtually all cars and most UK car cost options are standard in Japan.
  • Cars in the Japanese market are always in better condition than a UK equivalent. Japanese owners generally keep their cars immaculate and well serviced. The cars offered for sale have low mileages due to the driving environment. A car in 'average' condition in the UK would be unsaleable in Japan.
  • The Japanese equivalent of the MOT test is more thorough and the standard required to pass is higher.
  • There are no problems using unleaded petrol as all Japanese cars supplied since 1989 meet the requirements.

If we do not have the car in stock that you require then our agents in Japan will find a selection of suitable cars that meet your requirements. You then simply select your preference and we arrange for shipment. As the car is being imported specially for you, your name is the first name to appear on the UK registration document. Just like buying a new car!!

In addition to the usual models sold worldwide such as Mazda MX5, Toyota Celica, MR2, Nissan 200ZX and Honda CRX, we are able to supply the high performance cars as well. So if you desire to own a Mitsubishi FTO, a Nissan 300ZX Convertible, a Lancer Evolution VI or a Nissan Skyline GTR we are able to satisfy your requirements.

There is really nothing to lose from buying a "Japanese import" and there are many benefits. A vehicle with a better specification and in better condition than anything equivalent in the UK. And obviously at a cheaper price.

Charles Motors is based in the UK and have been exporting cars to and from Japan since 1990 and so we have experience of the Japanese automobile market which is your guarantee of being supplied with a high quality vehicle at a reasonable price.
If you have any questions, please contact us at

or Fax +44 (0) 1932 403478.

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