Jaguar replica price list chassis based version January 1 2003
Charles Motors D type  
Long nose, full width screen, fin 47400
Short nose, single seat screen, head fairing 47400
Long or short nose, full width screen, head fairing 49200
Long or short nose, single seat screen, fin 49200
Charles Motors XKSS 52740
Optional equipment  
3.8 litre engine 1440
Weber carburettors and manifold 1980
Non standard rear axle ratio 480
Limited slip differential 480
Dunlop replica road wheels 1800
Leather upholstery 600
Passenger tonneau panel [D type only] 168
Full tonneau cover 360
Oil cooler 276
Side exhaust (D type only) 1440
Cam covers with breather elbows 540
Dry sump oil tank (dummy) 660
Original style replica steering wheel 504
All prices quoted are in UK pounds sterling Prices do not include VAT.