Only a handful of people have enjoyed the privilege of driving the XJ13,
but now you could be one of the select few to experience the excitement!!

Built in 1965-6 the Jaguar XJ13 was to bring about Jaguar's return to Le Mans.

Regrettably the XJ13 project was suspended and the only car built is rarely seen out of the Jaguar museum. But now, following several years development, a hand crafted reproduction of this beautiful car is available.
Construction of this masterpiece consists of a space frame chassis complete with floors, sills, bulkheads, louvred bonnet and access panels in aluminium. Top quality GRP, or as an option aluminium, being used for the rest of the body. The power is provided by a Jaguar V12 engine coupled to a five speed ZF transaxle. The suspension and brakes are the same as used on various Jaguar saloon and sports models with the wheels being specially made in aluminium to the same design as the original.

Cooling is provided by an XJ12 radiator, a forward mounted oil cooler for the engine and a rear mounted cooler for the gearbox.

Other details items such as the steering wheel, instrument panel, door handles etc., have also been made specially for the car.

The reproduction incorporates the modifications that were made to the original. The wheel arches are now flared to take the wider wheels that would probably have been fitted if the original car had ever been raced. Some of the electrical and mechanical components have also been changed. On the occasions when it makes appearances at race meetings and parades, our reproduction of the XJ13 never fails to draw an admiring crowd, providing as it does, a rare glimpse of yet another car that proves the technical expertise of Charles Motors Ltd.

The XJ13 replica is temporarily discontinued.

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