Jaguar XKSS: the ultimate dream of a sportscar...

 As well as the D type the XKSS comes in two versions - chassis based or monocoque based. The chassis based version is available with a GRP or aluminium body. All internal panels are jig-bonded into place, seamed inside and out for full weather protection and within the body unit is a unique tubular steel subframe which enables such items as hinges and locks to be steel mounted. This body/subframe combination is then bolted to the chassis by means of metallastic bushes thus eliminating stress transfer and vibration into the bodywork.

On the monocoque version the tubular front frame continues through the monocoque to form a backbone and connect with the detachable rear subframe. Steel inner panels and tubular reinforcement are fitted for additional strength and side impact protection. Aluminium floors and outer sills are riveted to the backbone frame. The upper body tub panels, bonnet and rear bodywork are available in GRP or aluminium.The full aluminium monocoque version is virtually indistinguishable from an original XKSS.

Jaguar XKSS dashboardThe leather trimmed interior of an XKSS.

Note the authentic looking 8,000 rpm tachometer and 180 mph speedometer fitted as standard to this chassis based car.

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