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Techno Classica Essen

The Worlds Greatest Classic Car Show

March 21 - 25 2012

Essen, Germany

2011 Event - 178,300 visitors from 41 countries! 1200 exhibitors from 28 countries! Over 110,000 square metres of exhibition floor space in 17 halls! Approximately 2500 automobiles for sale! Over 130 presentations from clubs and museums!

Already as a tradition, Škoda designs its exhibition stand in hall 7 with loving care in front of a historic stage. This year, the focus is on "Compact Cars". The Czech automobile manufacturers presents eight historic vehicles of the successful Popular series from the 1930s - the petrol station environment with historic petrol pumps forms the framework for the presentation of the mobile contemporary witnesses.

At the beginning of the 1930s, Škoda looked for a way to get out of the red. In 1933, the Czechs were only able to sell 1,233 vehicles. With the racy Škoda Popular, an economic compact car was launched in 1934, which resulted in increased sales. Within three years, Škoda succeeded to jump ahead to the top of the Czech automobile production. By 1946, almost 2,000 examples were built in Mladá Boleslav in different variants of coachwork.

At TECHNO-CLASSICA in Essen, Škoda presents eight cars of the successful compact car series, among them also some special rarities:
Popular type 420, completely restored;
Popular type 420, not restored, with separate car body and chassis;
Popular type 418 - the predecessor of the Popular 420 and with 18 HP even lower equipped;
Popular Prototyp Sagitta - only seven prototypes were built in 1936/1937 of the type 911 with a V2 air-cooled front engine with a cubic capacity of 845 ccm and 15 HP. The name Sagitta means "arrow" in the Czech language and refers to the Škoda logo;
Popular Monte Carlo convertible. In 1936, a Škoda Popular ranked second in its category at the Rally Monte Carlo. As a result, Škoda gave 79 Popular Coupés the name Sport - Monte Carlo;
Popular Liduska - the Popular 995 presented in 1939 was the previously less expensive Popular - the price was just 17,300 korunas. This was the reason why it was also referred to as Liduska ("People's Car", similar to "Volkswagen");
Popular type 420 Rapid ("Tree Frog") had a more powerful engine. The product range started with a four-cylinder engine with a cubic capacity of 1,386cm³ and 31 HP to a six-cylinder engine with a cubic capacity of 2,199cm³ and 60 HP. A total number of 6,342 cars were manufactured;
Popular Tudor - the final stage of the Popular series. It was presented in 1940 as a two-door (Two-door = Tudor) limousine with an improved car body and was built until 1952. From 1948 onward it was also available as convertible and roadster.

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